Heart Shaped Face

Cosmetology Fashionistas define a heart-shaped face as one with a broad forehead and a narrow chin
Genetics A descriptor for a physiognomy seen in Turner syndrome—45X—characterised by prominent ears, broad malar bones, and a small chin
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The rapper's one heart shaped face now appears completely oval, and her skin is bright yellow instead of dark brown as it was when she first appeared on the rap scene in the 90s.
If you have a long, square or heart shaped face then the bob might just be the perfect cut for you.
I do not know, I cannot see For my heart I weep for thee I see our babe's eyes opened wide Her cherub mouth, her heart shaped face We chose to name her darling 'Grace' Her eyes are the colour of heavenly blue Her tears are like the morning dew Devoid of sunshine 'neath your boughs You never complain you stand there proud Does anyone see you as I see you?
Barn owls are predominantly white, have a heart shaped face and can grow to 15in, but recent studies suggest that, in some areas, less than one farm in 50 now has pairs.
She is as glamorous as ever with that perfect heart shaped face, silky blonde hair,and big blue eyes.
Wear your heart on your sleeve and show her how much you love her with this gold plated Seconda watch with a heart shaped face.
This version of the classic beehive would suit those with round or heart shaped faces and is a perfect alternative for a wedding or special occasion.
Heart shaped faces typically have broad foreheads and angular chins so you should look at both angular and rounded frames to see which looks best.
Square faces, like Sandra Bullock's, will look fantastic with shattered layers and textures to help soften hard edges on the face, while those of us with heart shaped faces, including Cameron Diaz, will always suit a classic bob and lots of layers around the face.
Heart shaped faces shouldavoid wearing hair thick at the sides or have a thick fringe because this widens the face near the eyes, and for those cherubs with round faces, never wear hair excessively curly - release your curls and wear waves or iron hair straight.