Heaney, Noble Sproat

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Noble Sproat, U.S. gynecological surgeon and obstetrician, 1880-1955.
Heaney clamp
Heaney curette
Heaney hysterectomy forceps
Heaney needle holder
Heaney operation - technique for vaginal hysterectomy.
Heaney retractor
Heaney suture
Heaney uterine curette
Heaney vaginal hysterectomy
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Next, insert a Heaney clamp through the small window between the cardinal pedicle and the utero-ovarian pedicle (figure 5).
Now you can insert the stapler into the created window, as with the Heaney clamp (FIGURE 6).
Next, use a Heaney clamp to grab the pedicle, making sure that the ovary is medial to the clamp (FIGURE 2).
Follow by cutting the pedicle beside the Heaney clamp and removing the specimen.
I massage the uterosacral ligament for about 10 seconds to lengthen it and create more descensus, then place a Ballantine Heaney clamp on the ligament.
If I were using suture rather than vessel sealing, I would place a Heaney clamp on the uterosacral ligament and cut.
Accidentally making a little hole in the bladder is no disaster, but crushing the bladder wall with several Heaney clamps and cutting it to pieces before you recognize the mistake certainly would be.
To avoid this problem get into the habit of "parking" your Heaney clamps on the drape just to one side of the operative field.