Health Level Seven

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Health Lev·el Sev·en

(HL7) (helth lev'ĕl sev'ĕn)
Data moved from one application to another with the use of HL7 messaging standard.
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Clair, Senior Director, Interoperability and Standards, HIMSS John Quinn, CTO, Health Level Seven International
Also, 59% of IIS grantees reported being able to send and receive Health Level Seven (HL7) messages, and another 8% of grantees with IIS were partially able to meet HL7 capability by either sending or receiving messages.
La busqueda de la solucion para este problema planteo la necesidad de considerar enfoques mas profundos y formales, lo cual llevo a encontrar que en otros paises del mundo ya se habia planteado una propuesta para mejorar la interaccion entre los diversos sistemas informaticos existentes en el sector salud de cualquier pais, y que incluso la propuesta estaba planteada como el estandar de intercambio de datos electronicos de salud, Health Level Seven (HL7).
It passed the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) selection criteria in 2007, and is registered (recognized) by Health Level Seven (HL7[R]).
This profile builds on the Health Level Seven (HL7) EHR Functional Model and Profile, which provide a basic set of functions that are designed to facilitate interoperability of electronic records from various vendors in various settings.
Today most laboratory and diagnostic systems in the US deliver their results electronically via Health Level Seven (HL7) [12] (1) messages to their hospital, office practice, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), public health departments, and other clients.
The API is based on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR), developed by the nonprofit standards-developing organization Health Level Seven International (HL7).
In that light, Health Level Seven International (HL7) and OASIS have gotten together to publish a joint implementation guide to bridge the electronic gap between emergency response and hospital communities.
Back at the helm, NCPDP will work with other charter members, including Health Level Seven (HL7), Inc.
the use of Health Level Seven International (HL7), a data protocol/connectivity standard used throughout the world, is required for an EHR to be certified under HITECH.

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