Health Care Financing Administration

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Health Care Fi·nanc·ing Ad·min·is·tra·tion (HCFA),

(helth kār fī'nans-ing ad-min'is-trā'shŭn),
The federal agency that determines reimbursement for federal programs.
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Health Care Financing Administration

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Cen·ters for Med·i·care and Med·i·caid Ser·vices

(CMS) (sen'tĕrz med'i-kār med'i-kād sĕr'vi-sĕz)
An agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that manages the federal health care programs of Medicare and Medicaid; before July 2001, known as the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA).
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Health Care Financing Administration, Office of the Actuary: Projected Federal Medicare and Medicaid AIDS Costs FY 1994 - FY 2002.
[3] Health Care Financing Administration. Medicare enrollment, 1986-87.
Maxicare also requested mutual termination of its Medicare+Choice contract with the Health Care Financing Administration, effective Aug.
In another initiative to improve national insurance programs, the House Energy and Commerce Committee has begun a top-to bottom review of the Health Care Financing Administration to eliminate what it calls "antiquated, anticonsumer regulations" and to improve Medicare and Medicaid programs.
The Health Care Financing Administration has removed the federal requirement for physician supervision of nurse anesthetists.
Passage of this statute represented a first step towards recognizing that many individuals at risk of institutionalization can be supported in their homes and communities, thereby preserving their independence and bonds to family and friends, at a cost not higher than institutional care (Health Care Financing Administration, 1996).
Health Care Financing Administration View information and materials on meeting the Y2K challenge.
The Health Care Financing Administration backs away from plans to collect personal data.
The managed care industry lobbied hard for less-restrictive state solvency standards, while the Health and Human Services Department's Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) wanted unified federal regulations.
Three years ago the Health Care Financing Administration began cracking down on teaching hospitals that were allowing their doctors to bill Medicare for work their residents had done.
Advanced Tissue Sciences says it will initially focus on a small number of centers, while working with the Health Care Financing Administration and other payors to address reimbursement.
For more information, check out Health Care Horizons' Web site, at, or call your regional office of health care financing administration.

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