Health Canada

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Health Can·a·da

(helth kan'ă-dă)
Canadian federal ministry that develops national health policy, enforces national health regulations, and promotes disease prevention.

Health Canada

The Canadian federal agency that oversees and regulates the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the pricing and safety of patent medicines marketed in Canada, the safety of Canadian health and food products, the health care provided to First Nations and Inuit peoples, and the Canadian Public Health Agency.
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PHILADELPHIA, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Canada, as well as all regulatory authorities who receive electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) submissions for human therapeutics, is reporting problems with lack of compliance with the electronic format.
This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding Health Canada regulatory actions, research and development activities, market, and product potential with respect to Mentor's MemoryGel silicone gel-filled breast implants.
The Electronic Review (eReview) Project was implemented to establish an electronic review environment that will offer electronic support to the receipt and review of therapeutic products submissions that Health Canada has regulatory authority over, as outlined in the Canadian Food and Drugs Act.
Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada, and to have received the CE Mark for sale in the European Union.
CONTACT: Margot Geduld or Carole Saindon, Media Relations, Health Canada, Ottawa, +1-613-957-1588, or Public Enquiries: +1-613-957-2991; or Brian Underhill, Director of Communications, Office of the Minister, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ottawa, +1-613-992-3474
Gary Smith, president of Coronado Industries, said that approval by Health Canada was a timely validation of the company's technology.
The Health Canada expert panel report is the strongest call to action yet on PVC medical devices softened with DEHP," said Charlotte Brody, RN, Director of Health Care Without Harm.
a Delaware Corporation (the "Company"), today announced that Health Canada has advised that IntelliPharmaCeutics Corp.
In the view of the controversy surrounding low-carbohydrate diets and their potentially harmful effects, Health Canada is introducing a set of rules to govern marketing and selling of products that attempt to appeal to those interested in a low carbohydrate diet.
HOUSTON -- Positron Corporation (OTCBB:POSC) today announced that the Company has recently received approval from Health Canada to use Positron's mPower PET scanner in oncology and cardiology clinical trials in Canada.
These assays were the first nucleic-acid based tests to be cleared by regulatory agencies such as FDA and Health Canada to replace conventional microbiological culture and directly test clinical specimens.
Medical marijuana advertisements in Canada have forced Health Canada for a crackdown on errant companies, who are flashing hyped and misleading advertisements about their products.

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