Health Canada

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Health Can·a·da

(helth kan'ă-dă)
Canadian federal ministry that develops national health policy, enforces national health regulations, and promotes disease prevention.
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Health Canada

The Canadian federal agency that oversees and regulates the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the pricing and safety of patent medicines marketed in Canada, the safety of Canadian health and food products, the health care provided to First Nations and Inuit peoples, and the Canadian Public Health Agency.
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Missing documents resulted in Health Canada's inability to complete an audit.
"Oil-filled gel capsules will represent the first stream of revenue for Canntab before we are able to launch our flagship hard tablet products in October, pending Health Canada approval.
Pending approval from Health Canada, Namaste anticipates production to begin immediately, Morim said in a statement.
With this approval by Health Canada, Neratinib becomes the first anti-HER2 treatment to be approved in Canada, as extended adjuvant therapy for women with early stage HR-positive, HER2-positive breast cancer following adjuvant trastuzumab-based therapy.
However, Health Canada believes it has a solution that'll greatly alleviate the cannabis bottleneck currently wreaking havoc in the country.
None of the seized health products are authorized for sale by Health Canada. Unauthorized health products have not been assessed by Health Canada for safety, effectiveness and quality.
Currently, Health Canada has licensed 90 authorized producers of cannabis for medical purposes, led by 48 in Ontario and 16 in British Columbia.
Health Canada is expected to develop a plan that will include testing of cosmetics to look for banned or restricted substances
Health Canada's primary rationale for continuing to treat energy shots as NHPs rather than including them as foods with energy drinks is that they are "not consumed or perceived as foods" in the same way as energy drinks.
Health Canada's proposed regulations currently allow GHS-compliant labels in Canada on December 1, 2014.
"Based upon the strength of the scientific data we submitted, Health Canada's Food Directorate recommended the acceptance of a health claim showing flaxseed can lower blood cholesterol," said William Hill, president of the Hax Council of Canada.

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