head louse

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head louse

A parasitic louse (Pediculus humanus subsp. capitis) that infests the human scalp and causes itching.

head louse

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LOUSE: SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; James Gathany


(lows) Pediculus.

body louse

Pediculus humanus corporis.

clothes louse

See: Pediculus humanus corporis

crab louse

Phthirus inguinalis and Phthirus pubis; the louse that infests the pubic region and other hairy areas of the body. See: pediculosis

head louse

Pediculus humanus capitis. See: illustration

head louse

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Suitable for use as a child's daily shampoo and conditioner it also contains natural ingredients, tea tree oil and lemon eucalyptus, to help prevent headlice.
But decades of life since, without the little critters so much as entering my consciousness, never mind my scalp, it came as a head-scratching surprise when a letter appeared in my son's bag announcing there were instances of headlice at his school.
Bridget, now 51, has two kids, a toyboy and, as well as obsessively charting her weight, now diarises her number of Twitter followers and her kids' headlice.
I've also learned that fussy eating isn't the end of the world, toilet training does happen (even it does seem to take forever) and headlice love the best heads
Headlice only affect humans and are particularly common from age four to 11.
MAY 27, 1977: Kirklees Council was seeking powers to inspect families for headlice if teachers found infestations on their children.
The two-year-old's head was also fully covered by headlice, the city's Crown Court was told.
Sadly, I missed National Smile Day (October 3), but we can all look forward to National Bug Busting Day (October 31) when everyone is expected to make a big effort to stamp out headlice.
Not the best holiday but to finish it we all went home with headlice.
MI can't hear this song without thinking of Scott Mills calling it Headlice - and that sums it up.
One letter, a number of years ago, told of when headlice were discovered in a particular school.