head of pancreas

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head of pan·cre·as

that portion of the pancreas lying in the concavity of the duodenum.
Synonym(s): caput pancreatis [TA]
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Literature describes cases of glucagonoma with tumor localization in the head of the pancreas, but in most cases the tumor locates in the tail of this organ because of the high density of alpha islands in the region.
"They believed that a miracle would be needed because it [the tumour] was so large, it was so late and the tumour was attached to the head of the pancreas and all the blood vessels around it," Murdo said.
This is better in comparison to tumors of the ampulla, distal bile duct, and head of the pancreas.
Abdominal computed tomography (Figure 1) revealed a heterogeneous tumor of 83/130/100 mm, predominantly cystic, belonging to the head of the pancreas, in close contact with the superior mesenteric vein and spleno-mesenteric vein (on a length of over 55 mm), narrowing the vessels without thrombosis; Wirsung duct was dilated (10 mm in diameter); peritumoral lymphadenopathies were noted.
Jaundice is most common when the tumor is near the bile ducts (the head of the pancreas) and may not be present when the tumor is farther away.
Merkel cell carcinoma metastatic to the head of the pancreas. JOP 2004;5:92-6.
This was a major operation to remove the tumour on the head of the pancreas.
"My pancreas is swollen because of a tumor, possibly malignant, growing in the head of the pancreas. As it grows it begins to press on the bile duct and the pancreatic duct and with increasing pressure.
In a standard Whipple procedure, the surgeon removes the head of the pancreas, the gallbladder, part of the duodenum which is the uppermost portion of the small intestine, a small portion of the stomach called the pylorus, and the lymph nodes near the head of the pancreas.
In one patient who had chronic pain and suspected malignancy on the head of the pancreas, the Whipple procedure was performed, and no malignancy was found.
What is more, patients with tumors which developed in the head of the pancreas had a worse prognosis according to our survival analysis.