head of femur

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head of fe·mur

the hemispheric articular surface at the upper extremity of the thigh bone.
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head of fe·mur

(hed fēmŭr) [TA]
Rounded projection at the proximal end of femur; articulates with the acetabulum
Synonym(s): caput femoris [TA] , caput ossis femoris, head of thigh bone.
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Surgical technique is that the first guide wire is inclined at an angle of 160[degrees]-165[degrees] from the shaft axis and directed from anterior to posterior and proximally, in a way it passes through the lower portion of femoral neck near the calcar closely on antero-posterior view, the guide wire goes to the posterior 3rd of head of femur and comes close to the posterior part of neck (On lateral view).
Avascular necrosis of head of femur. Indian J Orthop 2009; 43: 1-2.
Avascular necrosis of head of femur in a patient with acute promyelocytic leukemia.
The possible explanations to this fact are that acetabulum is unable to accommodate the congruity of deformed femoral head due to decreased elasticity of acetabulum [5] and possibly these children have less time remaining for growth and remodeling of head of femur [6].
This criteria was based on percentage of head of femur, which was not covered by acetabulum.
We feel that cesarean section is preferable to vaginal delivery to avoid the risk of trauma to the weak head of femur in cases of TOH.
Also in cases of obstruction of the anterior division of internal iliac artery due to any cause, there will be sparing of OBA and its branches especially the branch to the head of femur. The parietal branches of OBA are important collaterals in aortoiliac and femoral arterial occlusive diseases.
Little work on the subject has been reported from India except for the study by Singh and Singh (1972A and 1972B) on the head of femur. To date, nothing has been published on other measurements of the femur, which may be useful if the bone is fragmented.
81.62 Other replacement of head of femur. 85.43 Unilateral extended simple mastectomy.
After the examination, the head of femur was cut from the neck and the sampling was performed.
the distance from most prominent point on the lateral surface of the greater trochanter (GT) to the centre of fovea of the head of femur (Fig.

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