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Abbreviation for homocysteine.

homocysteine (HCY) test

a blood test used to detect levels of homocysteine, which, if increased, may act as an independent risk factor for ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral arterial disease, and venous thrombosis. This test should be considered for screening in individuals with progressive and unexplained atherosclerosis despite normal lipoproteins and in the absence of other risk factors and in those with an unusual family history of atherosclerosis.




HSCH2CH2CH(NH2)COOH; an amino acid produced by the catabolism of methionine. With serine, it forms a complex that eventually produces cysteine and homoserine. There is evidence that a high level of homocysteine in the blood may be associated with an increased risk of developing atherosclerosis. Although blood homocysteine levels may be lowered by eating foods rich in folic acid, e.g., green leafy vegetables and fruits, and by vitamin pills containing folic acid and vitamin B6 or B12, research has failed to show that any of these causes a significant reduction in cardiovascular disease.
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No presente estudo, a diferenca estatistica significativa (p<0,01) observada ao se comparar os niveis de HCY pre e postratamento, pode indicar a influencia da terapia dietetica e da suplementacao de vitaminas B6, B12 e acido folico utilizado e uma forte relacao entre os niveis de HCY com uma dieta equilibrada, rica em vitaminas do complexo B e folato (Rowley e colaboradores, 2011; Yakub, Iqbal e Iqbal, 2010).
b-f) One hr NRG-1 (1 nM) treatment increased methionine level (b) and decreased HCY level (c); NRG-1 (1 nM) increased cellular methylation capacity by increasing SAM level (d) without changing SAH status (e), leading the increased SAM/SAH ratio (f), n = 3.
El aumento de la concentracion de HCY y MMA se pueden considerar como marcadores tempranos de la deficiencia, no obstante, puede haber circunstancias ajenas al deficit de vitamina B12 que influyan en su aumento, como son:
1 for unlabeled and labeled HCY (see Supplemental Figure in the Data Supplement that accompanies the online version of this article at http://www.
in large European study ECAP showed that HCY levels were significantly higher in patients than controls.
In the blood specimens we measured HCY, biochemical bone turnover markers, folate, vitamin [B.
Folate and/or cobalamin deficiency can cause increased concentrations of HCY and disturbed methylation status.
Nothing is known, however, about osteoclast (OC) function in the presence of increased HCY or low Bvitamin concentrations.
Intracellular HCY enters either the transsulfuration pathway or the remethylation cycle.
Analisis estadistico: Los valores de Hcys tuvieron una distribucion normal, por lo cual, todas las mediciones por duplicado se compararon por medio de la prueba t pareada, (22) con la prueba de Lin para estimar la concordancia mas alla del azar de medidas continuas (23) y la concordancia entre las diferentes mediciones de acuerdo de Bland y Altman.
Therefore, the total amount of subunits one, two, and four are generally considered invariant, and crabs with lower amounts of subunits three, five, and six have more of the Hcys with a higher [O.
Hcys are found in a majority of arthropods and mollusks, and they are called "Blue Blooded Organisms" by virtue of the fact that their blood turns blue in color upon oxygenation.