hemoglobin A and hemoglobin S (heterozygous state) (the sickle cell trait)

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Q. Please precribe for me the possible medicine (treatment) for sickle cells. Secondly, my boy lost hearing at 4 1- I need to know how sickle cells can be treated. 2- My boy just surprisingly lost his abillity to hear anything at the age of 4.

A. wow...you are going through some hard times...it's the hardest thing in the world seeing your children in pain. loosing his hearing could be caused by clots that were formed and destroyed the ear nerve. but it's unlikely it happened in both ears...so i would check it out. and about treatment- there are a variety of treatments, so i found a web site with them all. and even some that are still in research: http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/dci/Diseases/Sca/SCA_Treatments.html

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Common Hb traits such as Hb AS and Hb AC, however, do not interfere with the CE-HPLC Hb [A.
1c] and is characterized by the reversible binding of glucose to Hb as a Schiff base (1).
n) Hb AS, Hb SS, Hb SC, Hb S/ [beta]-thal, Hb SE, Hb SG-Philadelphia, Hb SO-Arab, Hb SJ-Toronto, and Hb SFukuyama included.
No clinically significant interference attributable to Hb AC or Hb AS was seen with the Nycocard, Synchron CX7, VARIANT GHb, and VARIANT II methods (Table 1).
A subset of samples with Hb AS (n = 10) was analyzed by Diamat HPLC using two different column series (P and R); all other samples were analyzed using a
Our data for Hb AS samples with the Diamat method were not consistent with previous results (5, 6).
Samples containing Hb AC or Hb AS should not be analyzed by this method.
Recently, the effects of Hb AC and Hb AS on one gHb immunoassay method were assessed (5).
The mean percentage of the Hb 5 in samples with Hb AS was 38% (range, 25-41%), and the mean percentage of Hb C in samples with Hb AC was 38% (range, 29-41%).
2 summarizes the most important data, namely, the total concentration of Hb as a measure of the severity of the disease and the concentration of Hb F.