Georges, French physician, 1841-1933. See: Hayem hematoblast, Hayem solution, Hayem-Widal syndrome.
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Para la determinacion de hematocrito se empleo la tecnica de microhematocrito; para la cuenta de eritrocitos y leucocitos se emplearon el hemocitometro y pipetas de Thoma con los reactivos de Hayem y Turk, respectivamente; la determinacion de solidos totales se efectuo utilizando un refractometro clinico y para determinar el fibrinogeno, se empleo desnaturalizacion con calor (56[grados]C por 3 minutos) y refractometria.
Militant d'abord les rangs du PLS, puis du PPS, aux cotes de ses camarades des annees 60 et 70, notamment feu Dr Othman Akalay, Ahmed Chaoui Mzabi, Dr Hayem Rbibo, Abddltif Ouammou, M'hamed Kibouch, Fatima Zohra Akalay, Mohamed Smaini...
Hayem, "SAPHO syndrome," La Revue Du Praticien, vol.
"Stick and El Gosden Bravery Hayem are lively contenders at juicy prices but I'll Stick with Gosden and Menuisier to do the damage and fill to do the bank.
Newbury 4.00 Muthmir Newmarket 2.00 City Of Joy HORSES TO FOLLOW Big Country, Bobby Guest, Capomento, Carry On Deryck, Construct, Coronet, Danzan, Dark Rose Angel, Dreamfield, Dukhan, El Hayem, Elucidation, Endless Acres, Eternal, Eternally, Euchen Glen, Frontspiece, Garcia, Gun Case, Gusman, He's Amazing, Hey Jonesy, History Writer, Hoof It, Horseplay, Hula Girl, Indian Dandy, Lady Momoka, Mirage Dancer, Morning Chimes, Next Stage, Pecheurs De Perles, Phijee, Prince Of The Dark, Purser, Rajasinghe, Roundhay Park, Santry, Scenery, Shamrock Emma, Shanghai Glory, She's Different, Son Of Africa, St Mary's,Tai Hang Dragon, The Cashel Man, To Be Wild, To Wafij, Very Talented, Wall Of Fire.
CHELMSFORD: 5.50 Ocean Temptress, 6.20 Tarnhelm, 6.50 Algam, 7.20 Westerland, 7.50 El Hayem, 8.20 Big Tour, 8.50 Dowayla.
The gelded son of Dubawi only went down by a neck to the progressive El Hayem, to whom he was giving a lot of weight, at the Esher circuit - with the third horse home, Muntazah, never nearer.
Hayem (1895) noted the nonretractility of the blood clot, and Duke (1912) demonstrated the prolonged bleeding time.
Furthermore, because of their poor vascularization, tendons have poor healing properties and heal more slowly compared to other connective tissues (Fenwick et al., 2002; Hayem, 2001).
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