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C.A., U.S. orthodontist. See: Hawley appliance, Hawley retainer.
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Frank Hawley, lawyer and town-clerk, who rarely presented himself at the board, but now looked in hurriedly, whip in hand.
Frank Hawley; at which everybody turned away from Mr.
Hawley, whose bad language was notorious in that part of the county.
Frank Hawley, who was afraid of nobody, and was a Tory suspicious of electioneering intentions.
Hawley. "I suppose we all know whom we mean to vote for.
Moy as the husband of my niece--to whom he was lawfully married on the seventh of September last, at the Church of Saint Margaret, in the parish of Hawley, Kent.
If you wander deep into Hawley Woods you will stumble across a beautiful lake surrounded by trees and wildlife.
2019 is to be a landmark year for songwriter Richard Hawley.
Caleb Hawley appeals a judgment of conviction of the Dodge County Circuit Court denying sentence credit.
Republican Senator Josh Hawley sent a letter to FTC chairman Joseph Simons calling on the agency to "get tougher" with tech giants, specifically Google (GOOG) and Facebook (FB).
Phillip Hawley, president of Hawley & Associates in Bellevue, Wash., understands the power of referrals in the nonprofit insurance world.