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(hā′vərz, hăv′ərz), Clopton 1655?-1702.
English physician and anatomist known for his studies of the minute structure of bone.
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Havers, who described his wife as his soulmate, returned to work for a while last year to star in the West End play See You Next Tuesday.
Thirdly, said Mr Havers, such a conclusion 'puts the doctor in an impossibly difficult position, for a doctor should never be required to provide a particular form of treatment to a patient which he does not consider to be clinically appropriate.
Actress Sharon Small, who plays dowdy DS Barbara Havers alongside aristocratic sleuth Lynley (Nathaniel Parker), is delighted to be able finally to dress up.
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh stars with Havers as his new wife who is taken to Manderley, the place of first wife Rebecca's death, and starts to unravel a past that is not all it seems.
Shop worker Claire Bonar, 54, who lives in the city, said: "Nigel Havers is known for being charming but this slip hasn't gone down too well with some locals.
The award-winning actress headlines in Dick Whittington alongside Nigel Havers as King Rat, Julian Clary as Spirit of the Bells and Walsall-born Jeffrey Holland as panto dame Lady Fitzwarren in the star-studded production, which opens tonight and runs until January 30.
And he replied, 'Because if we did, nobody would ever vote for us - Nigel Havers recalling a conversation with his late father, Lord Havers
Now, she faces fresh criticism over her admission of the key role of Lord Havers in the Cleveland child sex abuse inquiry in 1987 which she led.
LAST EXIT 3Star's coffin MOURNER Nigel Havers SALUTE Julian Fellowes
This is understandable, given Havers is not yet in his stage gear, nor has he had his nose powdered ready for that evening's performance of the comedy of marriage and manners from writer Nick Fisher.
Tim Piggott-Smith kicks off on Monday with a tale set on a blazing hot day in Biarritz, while Nigel Havers takes over for Lot 21, a love story set in the British Library.
The actor's brother, barrister Philip Havers, said: "She showed astonishing courage and fortitude.