Haussman, Haussman-Dunn gag

a speculum for examining the mouth cavity of cattle and sheep. Two horizontal plates accommodate the upper and lower dental arcades (upper dental pad in cattle). They are carried on ratcheted scissor-type mechanisms supported up each side of the face by a poll strap. When levered open the plates stay open until the ratchet is released. Gives excellent access to the mouth but excludes incisor teeth.
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They live only in the Boulevard Haussman, which is less picturesque; but in spite of this they have a great deal of the Balzac tone.
To this end, he sought expertise of Baron Haussman, a prominent Parisian planner.
El conde en agradecimiento encargo a un amigo pintor el retrato de Bach (por cierto, es el unico cuadro realizado en vida del musico), este amigo era Haussman, quien era considerado un artista mediocre, tenia la tendencia de repetir ciertos rasgos en todos los retratos que hacia, por lo cual la verdadera apariencia del musico sigue siendo un enigma.
PARIS, FRANCE -- The latest teashop to stock its counter with the coffee and tea-brewing machine producer Alpha Dominche's Steampunk is the Kusmi Tea's new shop in Galeries Lafayette's flagship location on Boulevard Haussman in Paris.
Among these objectives is the broader approach to the promotion of a sustainable development, that can be the result of an institutional strategy (Haussman, Rodrik 2006; Haussman, Rodrik, Velasco, 2008; Rodrik, 2004).
Haussman, General necessary conditions for optimal control of stochastic systems, Stochastic Systems: Modeling, Identification and Optimization, II Mathematical Programming Studies, 6: 30-48, 1976.
Haussman, who is a science teacher at the high school and runs the Unified track team in the spring, was approached by Doherty in the fall with the idea of setting up the basketball program.
Una reconocida vertiente del analisis del desarrollo economico ha postulado que la diversificacion productiva es un motor fundamental de la productividad y del crecimiento economico (Smith, 1776; Young, 1928; Schumpeter, 1942; Prebisch, 1950; Hirschman, 1958; Kaldor, 1961, 1966; Leontief, 1963; Chenery, Robinson y Syrquin, 1986; Murphy, Shleifer y Vishny, 1989; Amsden, 1989; Wade, 1990; Romer, 1987 y 1990; Grossman y Helpman, 1991; Aghion y Howitt, 1992; Landes, 1998; Imbs y Wacziarg, 2003; Chang, 2002; Lall, 2004; Haussman y Klinger, 2006; Rodrik, 2007; United Nations, 2007; CEPAL, 1990, 2008, 2010, 2012).
Factores adicionales al crecimiento que inciden a la diversificacion de productos y exportaciones son las fuentes de ventajas comparativas (postuladas por Minondo, 2011; y Haussman, Hidalgo, Klinger, y Barabasi, 2007a), el desarrollo financiero y acumulacion de capital (postulados por Agosin, Alvarez, y Bravo-Ortega, 2009), gobernabilidad, capital humano y actividades rentistas (postulados por Caldeira y Veiga, 2010; Starosta de Waldemar, 2010), la facilitacion comercial (postulados por Shepherd y Dennis, 2011 y 2007; Shepherd, 2009; Persson, 2008, y Volpe y Carballo, 2008), y los acuerdos preferenciales comerciales firmados entre paises (postulados por Volpe y Milena, 2010).
in Hot Deal Avail the J'aime la MOde offer at Mandarin Oriental, Paris with a private shopping experience at Printemps Haussman for Euro 995.
It allows the owner to not only save on construction and operational costs from combining services such as the pool or housekeeping department, but it also gives them an opportunity to appeal to a wider array of potential clientele," said Glenn Haussman, editor-in-chief of Hotel Interactive
The second is the test of homogeneity of the coefficients that makes it possible to test the equality for all the companies and the third test is the test of Haussman, which is used to discriminate the fixed effect and the random effect.