Hassall-Henle bodies

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Has·sall-Hen·le bod·ies

(has'ăl hen'lē),
hyaline bodies on the posterior surface of Descemet membrane at the periphery of the cornea.
Synonym(s): Henle warts
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Arthur, English physician, 1817-1894.
Hassall bodies - small spherical bodies of keratinized and usually squamous epithelial cells found in the medulla of the lobules of the thymus. Synonym(s): Hassall concentric corpuscle; thymic corpuscle; Virchow-Hassall bodies
Hassall concentric corpuscle - Synonym(s): Hassall bodies
Hassall-Henle bodies - hyaline bodies on the posterior surface of Descemet membrane at the periphery of the cornea. Synonym(s): Henle warts
Virchow-Hassall bodies - Synonym(s): Hassall bodies


Friedrich Gustar Jacob, German anatomist, pathologist, and histologist, 1809-1885.
crypts of Henle - infoldings of conjunctiva.
Hassall-Henle bodies - see under Hassall
Henle ampulla - the dilation of the ductus deferens where it approaches its contralateral partner before it is joined by the duct of the seminal vesicle. Synonym(s): ampulla of ductus deferens
Henle ansa - Synonym(s): nephronic loop
Henle fenestrated elastic membrane - Synonym(s): elastic laminae of arteries
Henle fiber layer - the layer of inner cone fibers in the central area of the retina.
Henle fissures - minute spaces filled with connective tissue between the muscular fasciculi of the heart.
Henle glands - accessory lacrimal glands. Synonym(s): Baumgarten glands
Henle layer - the outer layer cells of the inner root sheath of the hair follicle.
Henle ligament
Henle loop - Synonym(s): nephronic loop
Henle membrane - the transparent inner layer of the choroid in contact with the pigmented layer of the retina. Synonym(s): lamina basalis choroideae
Henle nervous layer - the layer of the retina from the outer plexiform to the nerve fiber layer inclusive. Synonym(s): entoretina
Henle reaction - dark brown staining of the medullary cells of the adrenal bodies when treated with the salts of chromium, the cortical cells remaining unstained.
Henle sheath - the delicate connective tissue enveloping individual nerve fibers within a peripheral nerve. Synonym(s): endoneurium
Henle sphincter
Henle spine - small bony prominence anterior to the supramastoid pit at the posterosuperior margin of the bony external acoustic meatus. Synonym(s): suprameatal spine
Henle tubules - the straight portions of the uriniferous tubules that form Henle loop, distinguished as the descending and ascending tubules of Henle.
Henle warts - Synonym(s): Hassall-Henle bodies
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