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A TRIO of Wasps' stars have encouraged runners to sign up for this year's Wright Hassall Regency 10k as the starting line draws closer.
Jonathan Hassall, aged 30, was heavily under the influence of mind-bending drug monkey dust when he tried to give police the slip during one six-mile chase lasting nine minutes.
The Regency 10k, which has been sponsored by Wright Hassall since its inception, has raised more than [pounds sterling]350,000 since it began and is one of Leamington Round Table's major calendar events.
MIDLANDS property figurehead Peter Deeley lifted the lid on the development of Belgrade Plaza in Coventry at an industry event hosted by law firm Wright Hassall.
Julia Hassall, Wallasey Town Hall's director of children's services, handed her resignation in on Friday.
Objective: To examine the effects of prenatal administration of retinoic acid on the proliferation of epithelioreticular cells and Hassall's corpuscles in the medulla of chick thymus.
Instead, Phillip Hassall, who admitted a month-long campaign of abuse against his 27-year-old victim, has been handed a suspended sentence.
Authors Bartholomew and Hassall present general interest readers with an examination of unusual crowd behavior, mass phenomena, urban legends, moral panics, riots, and mass delusions and hallucinations throughout history.
FORMER Huddersfield Town player Harold Hassall has died aged 85.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 21, 2015-Novaria Group Acquires John Hassall
AIRBUS UK Broughton chief Andy Preece hailed the club's Academy as young prospect Aaron Hassall prepares to sign a professional contract with Leicester City today.