Haslam, John


John, English physician, 1764-1844.
Haslam-Pinel syndrome - a type of schizophrenia. Synonym(s): Pinel-Haslam syndrome
Pinel-Haslam syndrome - Synonym(s): Haslam-Pinel syndrome
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Among the various hyper real were prime specimens like Danny Way, Mike Carroll, Jerry Hsu, Chris Perry, Scott Blackwood, Mark Gonzales, PJ Ladd, Chris Cole, P-Rod, Pat Duff, Chris Haslam, John Rattray, Brad Staba, Dennis Busenitz, and Jason Dill.
Hammond Group, a financial services company, received keys to the building at a handover ceremony involving Chase Midlands' commercial director, Tim Haslam, John Cerone, Hammond Group's managing director, and Alistair Lindsay, construction director of Chase Norton Construction, the main contractors.
UNDER-SEA WORLD: Far from being murky, the waters around Wales offer a treasure trove of beauty in and around wrecks; Pictures by: ANDY SHEARS, MIKE BOWYER, DEREK HASLAM, JOHN LEE AND RICHARD WILLIAMS