Surname of British family in which the disease was first described. See: Hartnup disease, Hartnup syndrome.


surname of the English family first described with this condition.
Hartnup disease - autosomal recessive metabolic disease characterized by skin rash, emotional lability, unsteady gait, and various neurological symptoms. Synonym(s): Hartnup syndrome
Hartnup syndrome - Synonym(s): Hartnup disease
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Delete the existing: -(1) Residents Parking Places (including Permitted Parking Areas (PPA)) on: -(a) Adkins Street - south west side, from a point 31m south east of its junction with Hartnup Street in a south easterly direction for the entire length of the street (2 spaces); (b) Breckfield Road North -(i) north east side, from a point 10m north west of its junction with St Domingo Vale in a north westerly direction for a distance of 16.
Michelle Hartnup for the Kestrel Fisher , of the United Kingdom both work in the oil trading industry.
In his new book, Gold Under Bracken, Richard Hartnup looks at Welsh soilscapes and, in this adapted chapter, soils of the ffridd ABOVE the spring lines that have supported settlements for millennia, there is usually a steep hill that is useful for extensive grazing of cattle or sheep.
95) is written and photographed by Richard Hartnup, a retired soil surveyor, who appreciates the countryside and its features through its different types of soil.
Although patients with Hartnup or Tada disease may exhibit a marked hypertryptophanuria, the degree to which tryptophan was increased in this patient's urine excretion suggested a nonphysiological mechanism.
THAT the balance owed to S Hartnup amounting to A[pounds sterling]15,000 be converted into
Susan Hartnup, 48, of Guisborough Drive, was told to leave after she caused numerous problems with anti-social behaviour, including criminal damage, harassment, threatening and intimidating behaviour, indecency offences and being drunk and disorderly.
CHEERS: (Above from left) John Hartnup, Debbie Pickford, Stefan Warton, Laura Richardson, Tracy Gascoigne and Gary Barker
Harrison, 29, of Hartnup Street, Everton, denies a string of charges including causing grievous bodily harm with intent, false imprisonment and wounding, also three specimen charges of raping a teenage boy.
Among the abnormal samples were the following: 14 with propionic acidemia; 11 with methylmalonic aciduria; 11 with cystinuria; 6 with alkaptonuria; 4 with glutaric aciduria I; 3 each with pyruvate decarboxylase deficiency, ketosis, Hartnup disorder, cystinosis, neuroblastoma, phenylketonuria, ethanol toxicity, glycerol kinase deficiency, and hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA-lyase deficiency; and 2 with carbamoylphosphate synthetase deficiency.
Sheasley at the telethon will be Eckerd's top eleven fundraising associates from around the country and the top fundraising district manager for the company, Dave Hartnup from the Mid-South region.
It saw more than 150 vacant houses on Hartnup Street, Donaldson Street, Granton Road, Salisbury Road and St Domingo Vale knocked down.