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LeRoy L., U.S. dentist, 1893-1951. See: Hartman solution.
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Among the travellers in my Pullman was comrade Hartman, like myself in the secret service of the Iron Heel.
There must be some big men on board," Hartman concluded.
I guess the Iron Heel won't need our services," Hartman remarked, putting down the paper he had been reading, when the train pulled into the central depot.
A vague sound came to our ears, like the bubbling of a gigantic caldron a long way off, and Hartman said it was machine-guns and automatic rifles.
We've smashed the water supply," Hartman cried excitedly to me.
But Hartman was cool and was giving the proper passwords.
THE REVEREND Curtis Hartman was pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Winesburg, and had been in that position ten years.
The Reverend Hartman was a tall man with a brown beard.
For a good many years after he came to Wines- burg things went well with Curtis Hartman.
Curtis Hartman went on tiptoe to the window and closed it softly.
When he began to think about her, Curtis Hartman remembered that she had been to Europe and had lived for two years in New York City.
In less than a minute Edwards came rushing down the hill, followed by Major Hartman, with a velocity that was surprising for his years.