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(härt′līn′), Haldan Keffer 1903-1983.
American biophysicist. He shared a 1967 Nobel Prize for research on the physiological and electrical activities of the optic nerve and the eye.
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While Baer did not reveal which substance Hartline had taken, he did confirm that the illicit element caused the 19-year-old to hallucinate.
Brady, Stacia Dianne Cox, Beaver Eric Eller, Jennifer Hartline, Jonna Higdon, Carol Johnson, Connie M.
MIAMI DOLPHINS Offence - LT N Garner 75, LG R Incognito 68, C M Pouncey 51, RG V Carey 72, RT M Colombo 71, WR B Hartline 82, D Bess 15, RB D Thomas 33, FB C Clay 31, QB M Moore 8, TE J Mastrud 88.
In lower vertebrates (fish, amphibians) there are neurons analogous to Br- and Da-neurons, known as ON- and OFF-cells according to the widely accepted classification of visual neurons offered by Hartline (1940).
Two offensive linemen, Andrew Hartline of Central Michigan and Andrew Gardner of Georgia Tech, entered this year's postseason having already made 51 career starts; Hartline extended his streak to 52 in the Motor City Bowl, and Gardner is in line to do the same in Wednesday's Chick-Fil-A Bowl.
Stressing both analytical and creative critical thinking, Ferrell (University of New Mexico) and Hartline (Florida State University) offer a text for marketing students which approaches marketing strategy from both traditional and "cutting-edge" perspectives.
The mechanics of swimming in ostracodes has received relatively little attention compared with that of other aquatic microcrustaceans such as copepods (Buskey, 1998; Lenz and Hartline, 1999; Titelman, 2001; Buskey et al., 2002), isopods (Alexander, 1988; Hessler, 1993), branchiopods (Williams, 1994), and cladocerans (Zaret and Kerfoot, 1980; Kirk, 1985; Lagergren et al., 1997).
What was unknown at the time was the apparent pressure the bishop was receiving from self-styled evangelical Christian anti-homosexual activist James Hartline.
Local officials in Florida recently reported that the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HARTline) plans to purchase three new hybrid diesel electric buses from Hayward, CA-based Gillig Corporation.
Frank Hartline, a business-development manager for Raytheon.
Hartline, 23, of West Frankfort for violation of classification motorcycle and no valid registration.