Fritz, German surgeon. See: Hartel technique.
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Catella Asset Management will be headed by Andreas Hauff and Nicolas Hartel.
Christian Hartel, head of Wacker Polymers Peter Summo and head of Wacker Korea Dal-Ho Cho celebrated the official start of construction on the major project during a ground-breaking ceremony.
The second of those losses - 3-0 at home to Unterhaching - came on Saturday when Jens Hartel rested players.
Spitta dice que, como era costumbre en los entierros de sacerdotes y profesores, toda la escuela acompano el cuerpo y que la sepultura fue abierta cerca de la Iglesia (Leipzig Breitkopf & Hartel, 1921.
In addition, the meeting approved the GE Sweden Holdings' proposal that the board members Jan-Olof Bruer, Henrik Hedlund, Anna Malm Bernsten, Malin Ruijsenaars and Joakim Westh be dismissed as board members, while Carlos Hartel, Riccardo Procacci and Vandana Sriram be elected new board members for the period up until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.
One of the most important recent contributions, the publication of four volumes of the critical edition of the works of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, is now available to scholars and performers through publishers Breitkopf & Hartel.
Christian Hartel, a member of the company's executive board, gave reporters an update on Wacker's activities in the Americas.
Our sales in the region have grown significantly over the recent years, and we see further potential for strong future growth in the region," explained Wacker executive board member Christian Hartel during the opening ceremony.
The Algonquins of Barriere Lake (ABL) filed a lawsuit against the government and their current and previous third-party managing companies, Hartel Financial Management Corp.
We are pleased to acquire 10% of share capital in AccessBank Tajikistan and look forward to supporting the bank's expansion to support Tajikistan's MSMEs especially in rural areas where many enterprises are still unbanked," said Rainer Hartel, Principal Investment Specialist at ADB's Private Sector Operations Department.
En esta linea, Hartel, Gough y Hartel (2008) senalan la necesidad de tener en cuenta nuevos factores como el clima emocional del grupo de trabajo y la cultura organizacional orientada a las emociones.
Therefore, the warehouse has more capacity than we will use currently," Dr Hartel informed.