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Edward, English physician, 1766-1838. See: Harrison groove.
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Newcomers who stood out were Conor Harrisson, Gordon Malone and Gearoid Considine.
At the same time, with Malaysian independence a reality, Harrisson was also looking for a future job, which Cornell would, in fact, later provide.
4) A reference to Tom Harrisson, World Within: A Borneo Story: Cresset, London, 1959.
The fact that both Barbara Harrisson and Hedda Morrison were German did not bring them any closer together.
During the colonial period, these included Tom Harrisson (1949), who wrote rather generally about Penan living in Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan; and Ian Urquhart (1951, 1957, 1959a, 1959b), who wrote on general aspects of Penan life and language.
9) Harrisson often makes reference to "Saban-Kelabit territory.
State prosecutor Ann Kajuju Kirimi told the court that on November 9, 2014 at Mwalim Mungai Farm within Ruai in Nairobi's Embakasi Sub-County in the course of a violent robbery, Mr Mungai shot dead Amos Mutuma and Harrisson Muriithi.
The Lands and Surveys Department's 1911 map, prepared by surveyor KM Harrisson, shows the name Lake Flannigan as written over the original name of the lake, which has been erased.
MAYO: D Clarke; B Harrisson, G McCafferkey, C Barrett; L Keegan (0-1), C Boyle, K Higgins (0-1); S O'Shea, A O'Shea (0-1); K McLaughlin (0-2), D Vaughan, D O'Connor (1-1); C Loftus, C O'Connor (1-5), A Moran (0-3).
Harrisson was in no sense an expert on the Iban, and one is puzzled as to why Dr.
Meanwhile, the importance of social innovation successfully addressing social, economic, political and environmental challenges of the 21st century has been recognized not only within the Europe 2020 strategy, but also on a global scale (see the manifold contributions in Harrisson, Bourque, & Szell, 2009; Franz, Hochgerner, & Howaldt, 2012 and Moulaert, MacCallum, Mehmood, & Hamdouch, 2013a).
Indian influences in the western half of Borneo were discussed by Harrisson (1949) and Harrisson and O'Connor (1970:11-29) in relation to gold and other objects that had been found mainly in Sarawak and Brunei.