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Edward, English physician, 1766-1838. See: Harrison groove.
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Goals came from Liam Harrison, Paul Harrison, George McNaught and Ben Taylor.
The Independent councillors representing the Fellgate and Hedworth ward on South Tyneside Council, Steve Harrison, George Waddle and Geraldine White, will be out tomorrow.
the winning OCs squad, back row, from left, coaches John Tolley, Kevin Greening, Neil Sheepy; middle row Kishan Patel, Elliott Sheepy, Aaron Hall, Sam Greening, Jack Macindoe, Frank Wagner, Alex Cooksley, front row Christopher Dunn, Anthony Harding, Jack Tolley, Nick Harrison, George Curtis, Daniel McGrananghan.
Executive producers, Suzan Harrison, George Faber, Charles Pattinson, Nigel Williams; producer, Barney Reisz; director, Tom Hooper; writer, Williams; camera, Larry Smith; editor, Beverly Mills; music, Rob Lane; production designer, Eve Stewart; costume designer, Mike O'Neill; casting, Doreen Jones.
Ringo Starr is estimated to be worth pounds 115m, while Olivia and Dhani Harrison, George's widow and son, now have pounds 110m,down from pounds 140mlast year.