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Edward, English physician, 1766-1838. See: Harrison groove.
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"Will you dine with me?" asked Harrison of D'Artagnan.
The matter was arranged as D'Artagnan had suggested, and when he returned he found the king already seated at his little table, where Parry waited on him, Harrison and his officers sitting together at another table, and, in a corner, places reserved for himself and his companions.
The table at which the Puritan officers were seated was round, and whether by chance or coarse intention, Harrison sat with his back to the king.
"And I am so still," said Porthos bowing to Harrison.
Harrison heard the order and understood what was demanded of him, but hesitated.
In the meantime Harrison had started out on the halyards.
In truth, Harrison was very sick, as a person is sea-sick; and for a long time he clung to his precarious perch without attempting to move.
If it had not been for Miss Harrison here and for the doctor's care I should not be speaking to you now.
"Your advice is very excellent, Miss Harrison," said Holmes, rising.
Joseph Harrison drove us down to the station, and we were soon whirling up in a Portsmouth train.
"I am quite sure," Miss Harrison said, "that claret from the local grocer is not what you are accustomed to--"
Now you'd better hustle out to Unwin and Harrison and get on down town.

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