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Edward, English physician, 1766-1838. See: Harrison groove.
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And I am so still," said Porthos bowing to Harrison.
And how," said Harrison, laughing, "did this serious calamity of going without breakfast happen to you?
Yes," said Harrison, laughing, and looking over at one of the officers seated at his table.
He arose and bowed to the four friends, whose eyes were fixed on Charles, while Harrison emptied his glass without the slightest misgiving.
In the meantime Harrison had started out on the halyards.
In truth, Harrison was very sick, as a person is sea-sick; and for a long time he clung to his precarious perch without attempting to move.
He had striven to help the unfortunate Harrison at the risk of incurring Wolf Larsen's anger.
But making an extra trip to the galley a little later, I was gladdened by the sight of Harrison staggering weakly from the rigging to the forecastle scuttle.
If it had not been for Miss Harrison here and for the doctor's care I should not be speaking to you now.
Your advice is very excellent, Miss Harrison," said Holmes, rising.
Joseph Harrison drove us down to the station, and we were soon whirling up in a Portsmouth train.
I am quite sure," Miss Harrison said, "that claret from the local grocer is not what you are accustomed to--"

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