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David O., 20th-century U.S. ophthalmologist. See: Harrington-Flocks test.
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A little over two years since its inception, Harringtons has risen to become one of the most trusted premier Lifestyle Showroom and Auction House in the Philippines.
Continuing the tradition of HMR Auction Services, a pioneer of the Philippine auctioneering industry for over two decades, a group of elite auctioneers from Melbourne Australia, collaborated to create the Harringtons Lifestyle Auction and Showroom.
WORCESTER - Near the end of brief remarks James Harrington gave yesterday at the renaming of the Boys & Girls Club on Tainter Street in his parents' honor, he choked up.
Harrington said as he looked to the sky outside the newly named Francis A.
Julian Harrington, 41, was jailed in February 2007 after admitting manslaughter and grievous bodily harm after he set off in pursuit of a moped following a brawl outside a nightclub in Protaras.
Local teenager Christos Papiris, 17, was killed and his best friend Marios Demetriou was seriously injured when a rental car driven by Harrington deliberately rammed their moped at high speed.
The Harringtons, by contrast, seemed bent on denying its existence until they could do so no longer.
But recognizing that it could, the Harringtons have made a concerted effort to ensure that the future didn't overshadow Joey's present.
Karen Harrington has described her books as "coming-of-age-survival stories," and she's certainly on a roll.
NEW YORK - Even with a $250,000 billboard in Manhattan and a clutch Pac-10 Conference championship season that backed it up, perhaps the Heisman Trophy candidacy of Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington still turned on things like this:
In the middle of all this history and hype will be Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington, like Baker a Portland kid - Harrington went to Central Catholic High School, Baker to Jefferson - who stayed in-state and found stardom.
IT WAS, by most recollections, the first time Joey Harrington was leading his team back from a deficit in the fourth quarter of an organized football game.

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