Harrington rods

Har·ring·ton rods

(har'ring-tŏn rodz)
Metal stabilizing rods used in surgery to lessen scoliosis.
[Paul Harrington, American orthopedist]
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A comparative study was conducted by Sasso et al ,analyzing Harrington rods, hooks, Luque rods, sub laminar wires and pedicle screws which revealed that pedicle screw fixation was the posterior fixation that could be applied to shorter segments than could other posterior fixation tools.17 This is because pedicle screw fixation achieves reduction and stability in both anterior and posterior column injuries, does not require anterior decompression and does not affect extra motion segments.18 For this reason transpedicular screw fixation has been done in our patients of unstable thoracolumbar junction injuries.
I had a laminectomy and pelvic graft to build a new L1; Harrington rods were also used.
Types of stabilization devices covered include screws, plates, wires, interlaminar clips, Harrington rods and Luque instrumentation.