Harrington rod

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1. a straight, slim mass of substance.
2. one of two types of visual cells, cylindrical segments that contain rhodopsin; together with the cones they form the light-sensitive elements of the retina. See also eye and vision. Called also retinal rod.
Corti's r's pillar cells.
Harrington rod a rigid contoured metal rod used in Harrington instrumentation.
olfactory rod the slender apical portion of an olfactory bipolar neuron, a modified dendrite extending to the surface of the epithelium.
retinal rod rod (def. 2).
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Types of stabilization devices covered include screws, plates, wires, interlaminar clips, Harrington rods and Luque instrumentation.
Advances in the understanding of the biomechanics of spine fractures and the introduction of Harrington rods, initially developed for treatment of scoliosis, led to reliable surgical means of stabilizing thoraco-lumbar fractures.