Harold Shipman

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A UK general practitioner who was convicted of killing 15 women largely with lethal injections of heroin. Some believing the number was even higher
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GP Harold Shipman's total number of victims - his patients - may be 250.
She also represented Dr Harold Shipman at his criminal trial and represented Professor Sir Roy Meadow at his professional disciplinary proceedings.
It started last night with Harold Shipman: Driven To Kill and continues next week with Harold Shipman: Catching A Killer.
"The Howard Martin inquiry was a different investigation to that of Harold Shipman.
Harold Shipman may have killed up to 137 more patients while he trained as a doctor at a hospital.
Harold Shipman should have been executed four years ago.
Comment: Last year "killer doctor" Harold Shipman was discovered to have murdered hundreds of patients but this career of crime seems to have made no impact on the Blair government.
On the 20th anniversary of Harold Shipman's arrest, this documentary tells the chilling inside story of how he murdered 250 of his patients across three decades.
Dr Harold Shipman was believed to have killed up to 250 patients in England.
THE son of one of Harold Shipman's victims still maintains he was a "good doctor" and said he views the killing as "euthanasia."