Hare, Edward S.

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Edward S., English surgeon, 1812-1838.
Hare syndrome - Synonym(s): Pancoast syndrome
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The nonpathogenic strain from Australia (RCV-A1_Australia_ MIC-07) does not cluster with other nonpathogenic groups and European brown hare syndrome virus (EBHSV_ France) appears in a basal position in the tree.
European brown hare syndrome virus, here used as an outgroup, and clearly apart from a highly supported primary group that was further subdivided into 2 also highly supported subgroups, 1 composed of pathogenic rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus strains and another encompassing the RCV-like group (RCV, Ashington and Lambay [2], and MRCV).
ICTV currently recognizes 2 species, Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus and European brown hare syndrome virus, in the genus Lagovirus, family Caliciviridae.