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1. The degree of firmness of a solid, as determined by its resistance to deformation, scratching, or abrasion.
See also: hardness scale, number.
2. The relative penetrating power of a beam of x-rays, used both within the diagnostic range of energy and in radiation therapy; expressed in terms of half-value layer.


Etymology: AS, heard, hard
1 a quality of water produced by soluble salts of calcium and magnesium or other substances that form a precipitate with soap and thus interfere with its cleansing power.
2 the quality of firmness produced by cohesion of the particles composing a substance, as evidenced by its inflexibility or resistance to indentation, distortion, or scratching.


1. The degree of firmness of a solid, as determined by its resistance to deformation, scratching, or abrasion.
2. The relative penetrating power of a beam of x-rays.

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The principle of the hardness test is that the depth of indentation depends on the hardness of the material.
In achieving this goal, Nanovea has also brought full automation to this type of mechanical hardness test for the first time.
The indent made by the hardness test can either be ground out, or can be so small as to not affect the performance of the component.
The difference in these hardness results was due to the difference in indentor geometry for these hardness tests.
In the KNOOP hardness test the modeled shape is an elongated diamond as a result of the indention.
Pencil hardness is a very common hardness test for organic coatings (ASTM D 3363).
Among the various hardness test methods, the Rockwell hardness (HR) test is the most widely used method for testing metals and other materials due to its simplicity and quickness of execution.
Internal hardness tests are made in the hub bore with the hub still in the fixture.
Modern dynamic hardness tests include high strain rate apparatus such as split Hopkinson pressure bar devices (8,9,10), or balls or indenters fired by gas guns (11,12,13).
The authors have not been acquainted yet to any equipment allowing static and impact load hardness tests using the same apparatus.
The Multi-Scale durometer test kit is designed for the technician who must perform hardness tests on various types of non-metallic materials.
For example, in the molding area, machine operators obtain information through scratch hardness tests and mold wash thickness measurements.