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An impact-resistant helmet worn to protect the skull against falling material(s) or against low ceilings
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The company's software uses data collected by the hardhat attachment to tell project managers where employees are on a job site.
In Hardhats, Hippies, and Hauiks, her new study of social class and public opinion during the war, the City University of New York sociologist Penny Lewis doesn't destroy that image so much as layer on all of the missing images that supplement and complicate it.
PCC Terna has taken delivery of four Atlas Copco XAS 97 portable compressors to provide air power for a range of hand tools, including jack hammers; and includes the first two units from the recently introduced HardHat range of compressors in Bahrain.
Engineered to be dent resistant, as well as rust, corrosion, fade, UV, temperature and crack resistant, the XAS 185 JD7 HardHat portable compressor provides users a higher resale value based on the appearance of the machine and also lowers the cost of ownership because side panels and canopy do not need replacing or painting, said Atlas Copco.
The glasses are made to fit slotted MSA and Bullard 4100 and 3000 hardhats. The kit comes with four pairs of custom hinges, two internal hinges, and two hinge caps.
* NCEW hardhats, donated by Tommy Denton of the Roanoke Times
With a little practice and a lot of batteries (vehicles take four C batteries, while the transmitter requires a nine-volt one), budding hardhats can zip all over the job site as the vehicles make realistic truck-like noises at a convincingly loud decibel level.
A newsletter with a hardhat. The twice-monthly goes to mid-size manufacturing facilities for distribution to their safety supervisors--with multiple copy rates available.
Steubenville, Ohio, my home town, is a unique city in the Upper Ohio Valley that embodies all of the grit and hardhat mentality of a classic steel metropolis.
Woodsman Hardhat (under $30): With hearing, head, and face protection, this hardhat will protect you from being deafened by machine noise, whacked by falling branches, or blinded by flying chips.
Bob Armstrong has added a feather to his hardhat. The president and owner of Armstrong Builders Ltd.
1 Atlas Copco announced Joe Kallis, rental consultant at Wagner Rents in Silverthorne, CO, as the first winner of its XAS 185 Hardhat portable air compressor contest.