Hapsburg lip

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1. the upper or lower fleshy margin of the mouth.
2. any liplike part; called also labium.
double lip redundancy of the submucous tissue and mucous membrane of the lip on either side of the median line.
glenoid lip a ring of fibrocartilage joined to the rim of the glenoid cavity.
Hapsburg lip a thick, overdeveloped lower lip that often accompanies Hapsburg jaw.

Haps·burg jaw

prognathism and pouting lower lip, characteristic of the Hispano-Austrian imperial dynasty.

Hapsburg lip

an overdeveloped, thick lower lip, which often accompanies the Hapsburg jaw (a jaw that projects forward). This kind of lip was characteristic of many members of the royal German-Austrian family that produced several European rulers between 1278 and 1918.

Hapsburg lip

A thick, overdeveloped lower lip.
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