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Austrian royal family who ruled most of central and part of western Europe for centuries.
disease of the Hapsburgs - factor VIII deficiency causing blood coagulation disorder. Synonym(s): classic hemophilia; hemophilia A
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The museum, which holds the outstanding ethnographic collections of the Hapsburgs, is located in the last completed wing of the Hofburg, the former imperial palace; the room we are in now looks in one direction towards the parliament building and city hall, and in the other along the facade of the rest of the Hofburg, with a good view of the balcony from which Hitler made a speech acclaiming the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in March 1938.
The EU has been such an ambitious enterprise mainly because it has sought a union over the former Carolingian, Prussian, Hapsburg, Byzantine and Ottoman domains, all with starkly different histories and development patterns.
The Hapsburg Empire is not a philosophical treatise, but it illustrates the influence of philosophy in the shaping and reshaping of the culture in what was once known as the Holy Roman Empire.
Also noteworthy is the author's choice to limit his discussion to composers living in Vienna; thus the significant number of cantatas written by other composers (generally resident in Italy) that were dedicated to the emperors, or those musicians who were employed in the court of the empress or of the other Hapsburg princes, are not considered.
Then, as a Hapsburg showplace, Empress Maria Theresa had a baroque palace rebuilt from the rubble.
Beginning with Charles V, the Hapsburg dynasty contracted painters, sculptors, architects and playwrights to propagate an image of an all-powerful Spanish Empire, validated both by classical (humanistic) and Catholic inheritances.
Maybe because the last England leader to come up here was probably Henry II although we do get thrown the occasional bone - as when Steven Taylor was selected fifth choice against some picture postcard outpost of the old Hapsburg empire.
In addition to time spent in the breath-taking Bohemian capital of the Czech Republic, the beautiful 'Pearl of the Danube' and the great Imperial capital of the Hapsburg Empire, the holiday also includes a visit to the striking Slovakian capital Bratislava, on the River Danube.
I met him the other day and he looks like a Velasquez painting of a Hapsburg royal.
Virginia worked with Compass Home Group, the Sellers, the Homeowner's Association, the Heating & Air Conditioning Licensees, the contractor doing work at the home (Hapsburg Construction), and the title company (North American Title).
The one from Rupelmonde, Hapsburg County, Flanders, Holy Roman Empire; born March 5th 1512?
Music by women composers of the courts of Frederick the Great and the House of Hapsburg will be featured in "Passionate Enemies," a free concert by La Donna Musicale at 7:30 p.m.