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Austrian royal family who ruled most of central and part of western Europe for centuries.
disease of the Hapsburgs - factor VIII deficiency causing blood coagulation disorder. Synonym(s): classic hemophilia; hemophilia A
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However, though the Hapsburgs intended to fortify their present rule by endowing it with an idealized, ancient history, that same history provided the public with a means of criticizing the monarchy.
The destruction of the Hapsburgs' central European empire by Woodrow Wilson and his allies through the Treaty of Trianon in 1920 for the sake of "self-determination" ennobled and legitimized racial nationalism throughout the world, nowhere more than in the former Hapsburg domain.
These factors are analyzed as they relate to long-term processes of historical change, such as the transformation of political culture during the transition from Hapsburg to Bourbon rule; the decline of the social standing of Creoles or Spanish Americans in the eighteenth century; and the blurring of ethno-racial categories as the colony matured.
Apparently, Lanett comes from an illegitimate branch of the Hapsburg family.
The Ottomans arrived in the sixteenth century, only to succumb to the pressure of the Hapsburg Empire in 1718.
Or will America go the way of Hapsburg Spain, the maritime Dutch Republic, and imperial Britain, as an economic titan that has passed its zenith?
Vesalius's invocation of the Roman context resonated with Hapsburg mythology, and the dedication of De fabrica to the "divine Charles" supported Vesalius's ultimately successful bid to become an imperial physician in the Hapsburg Empire.
The Wn refers to the acceptance performed in Vienna (Wien in Austrian), the double-headed imperial eagle was the symbol of the Hapsburg Monarchy, followed by the last two numbers of the year the rifle was accepted.
As several contributors rightly state, the city's long status as the major port of the Hapsburg Empire made it peripheral and provincial in regard to Italian culture while being concurrently open and welcoming to a multiplicity of other ethnic groups and traditions.
Although her methodology yields few new insights, her work contains a valuable account of a wide range of autobiographical writing from the South German urban bourgeoisic, patricians, and landed aristocracy, and useful observations about the writings produced by a network of writers at South German, chiefly Hapsburg, courts.
Dale Sklar, Managing Director of Wine and Spirit International, says: "Any such incident is obviously regrettable but there is probably no drink in the world with more warnings and instructions on how to drink it responsibly than on the Hapsburg absinthe bottle.