Marital Cohesion

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A general term referring to the degree to which one or both spouses tolerate each other’s habits or shortcomings; the lower the cohesion, the greater the stress levels
References in classic literature ?
But no such happy marriage could now teach the admiring multitude what connubial felicity really was.
However, it was not a happy marriage, and eventually her husband was found shot through the head.
But if you can give way to your husband," she said, speaking to Katharine, as if there were a separate understanding between them, "a happy marriage is the happiest thing in the world.
It is the first anniversary of the happy marriage of Mr and Mrs Lammle, and the celebration is a breakfast, because a dinner on the desired scale of sumptuosity cannot be achieved within less limits than those of the non-existent palatial residence of which so many people are madly envious.
She meant to urge him to persevere in the hope of being loved in time, and of having his addresses most kindly received at the end of about ten years' happy marriage.
All she says is, 'Look at your father; he was much older than your mother, and what a happy marriage theirs was.
To persons of spirit like ourselves the only happy marriage is that which is based on a firm foundation of almost incessant quarrelling.
As you have no doubt frequently observed, Watson, the impression usually goes through--a fact which has dissolved many a happy marriage.
The only happy marriages I know are marriages of prudence.
Oh, women have become so highly educated, Jane, that nothing should surprise us nowadays, except happy marriages.
The festival is staged by village men of 'yakudoshi' or 'unlucky' ages of 42 and 25 to celebrate the birth of a family's first child, to chase away evil spirits, and to pray for a happy marriage.