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Gerhard A., Norwegian physician, 1841-1912. See: Hansen bacillus, Hansen disease.
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"His fader die, he go to work in Hansen's sail-loft.
He put on der gloves vit der boys at Hansen's loft, he put on der gloves vit de boys at der varehouse.
And at Ugi lay the ketch ARLA, Captain Hansen, skipper.
"Yes, just that," said Captain Hansen. "It was an accidental drowning."
Captain Hansen had sprung up the companionway on the instant, and Bertie's eyes had been fascinated by a glimpse of him drawing his revolver as he sprang.
Captain Hansen regarded Bertie with unblinking, lack-luster eyes.
"I say, you know," Bertie said next day to Captain Hansen. "I've been glancing through your log."
"Never mind, I'll fix them," said Captain Hansen, diving below.
When Captain Hansen lighted the fuse and hooked the fish hook into the tail end of a native's loin cloth, that native was smitten with so an ardent a desire for the shore that he forgot to shed the loin cloth.
But Captain Malu sent back from Sydney two cases of the best Scotch whiskey on the market, for he was not able to make up his mind as to whether it was Captain Hansen or Mr Harriwell who had given Bertie Arkwright the more gorgeous insight into life in the Solomons.
They hurried toward me; they were waiting for me--Lena and Tony and Anna Hansen.
"Though just the same I'd like most to death to have just one go at that squarehead Hansen." He smiled with pleasure at the thought.