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Dorothy Hansine, U.S. pediatrician, 1901-1963. See: Andersen disease.
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Every schoolboy knows that Rizal published 'Noli Me Tangere' in Berlin in 1887, but not many know that Rizal translated Friedrich Schiller's 'Wilhelm Tell' into Tagalog, or that he translated five fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen from a German translation into Tagalog.
Permit me to repeat myself: Haugaard has translated the only (more or less) complete volume of Andersen's fairy tales and stories on the market; Hersholt's translations are the ones accessible via the website of the Hans Christian Andersen Center.
The Hans Christian Andersen award is said to be considered the top prize in the field and is known as the Little Nobel Prize for Literature.
Hans Christian Andersen first published The Snow Queen in a book of fairytales in 1844.
future of Britain's high streets; 10 Hans Christian Andersen.
ISLAMABAD -- The International Children's Book Day (ICBD) is being observed today in the commemoration of the birthday of famous children's writers Hans Christian Andersen, this chain was started in 1925.
Fandakova read out the tale "Lion without Tail" by Angel Karaliychev to pupils from the Hans Christian Andersen kindergarten in Sofia.
Several successful conferences were held in Australia; and in 1986 two Australians, writer Patricia Wrightson and illustrator Robert Ingpen, were recipients of Hans Christian Andersen medals, the highest accolade for a body of children's literature.
Rowling has become the first recipient of the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Prize.
1875: Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish writer most famous for his fairy stories, died.
THEY called it a fairytale when Gretna made it to the Scottish Cup Final - Hans Christian Andersen would be turning in his grave.