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The passing of the care of one or more patients to the doctors and nurses working on the next shift, by informing them of tests ordered, management issues and evolving or resolving problems
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In the case of only two overlapping sectors with 25-75 mobile stations the handover throughputs was varying in the ranges of 50 to 130 kbps for downlink and 40 to 120 kbps for uplink, when the 5 MHz channel are used with 2% packet loss, 50% handover probability at sector edges.
Data also shows that the number of ambulances achieving their 15-minute handover target was 9,139 in January 2018 compared to 11,068 ambulances who missed it, marking a 45% success rate.
All SSAs/SAs are to submit their Handover notes/reports to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the SSG.
Japeta Letsholo, president of BJF, who was also speaking at the handover ceremony, showed his gratitude to the Japanese Embassy's continued support towards the sport of judo, and announced that the federation would be receiving another coach from Japan for a long term period beginning next month.
Section 2 contains an introduction to the fundamentals of LTE/SAE architecture, including key hierarchy and the key chaining and message flow in the X2 handover process.
A delayed handover can mean that our crews end up queuing at hospital with their patients.
The successful handover of Azizi Liatris is just one of the many accomplishments that Azizi Developments has achieved this year.
To handle such scenarios we need a intelligent method within SON to perform rapid re-authentication, so that we have a seamless Handover within this inter_RAT and intra RAT.
Different from the previous works [10-13], specifically, the main goal of our proposed scheme is a mechanism that selects the "best," according to an appropriate metric, wireless technology for a robust mobile-video-streaming service among all of the wireless technologies, whereby the handover and video latency are reduced on average, and the effects of perfect and imperfect handover predictions are analyzed in terms of MIMO-capable, heterogeneous wireless technologies.
The service said a handover time within 15 minutes is seen as good, while longer than 30mins and up to an hour is considered "unacceptably long".
Any handover agreement must be subject to approval by a future town meeting, before it is allowed to take effect.
Handover of patients implies that there is sharing or transfer of information and knowledge between RNs.