Hand Transplantation

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The allografting of a hand from a cadaveric donor to a recipient who has lost same in an accident. They are technically demanding procedures which require 8-12 hours in contrast to heart transplants that require 6-8 hours. The procedure begins with the most structurally traumatic—bone fixation—followed by tendon fixation, and lastly arterial, nerve and venous anastomoses
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Hand transplantation is still in its early phases, and is limited by the availability of limb donors.
Hand transplantation is a form of composite tissue allotransplantation (CTA).
Currently, our center based at Kleinert, Kutz and Associates in Louisville, Kentucky, is the first program in the United States to have open enrollment in clinical trials of hand transplantation (see NCT00711373 at www.clinicaltrials.gov).
The Park Plaza Hospital in Houston, TX has established a research and clinical center of excellence for hand transplantation.
"At this stage in the history of hand transplantation," he wrote, "careful selection of patients, together with consideration of the ethics of putting a patient through toxic immunosuppressive therapy for a non-vital operation, is the key."
A position paper in support of hand transplantation in the blind.
The 3rd segment covered "Aesthetic Surgery", with reference to skin and hair transplantation as well as different aspects of reconstructive surgery such as Hand Transplantation, Breast Reconstruction, Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Fat Grafting, Periorbital Rejuvenation/Blepharoplasty, Soft Face Lift, Mastopexy, Role of Stem Cell In modern medicine and Botox/Fillers.
Double hand transplantation is a complex procedure which involves many surgical and non-surgical components.
The first hand transplantation in Poland took place on 2 April 2006 in the Saint Jadwiga of Silesia
Longtime experimental works were completed when the first entire hand transplantation was carried out successfully in Lyon in 1998.