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Henry, English surgeon, 1809-1880. See: Hancock amputation.
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As with the six ETFs that John Hancock Investments launched in September 2015, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP--a company that engages in strategic beta investing--was selected to design the underlying indexes for the five new sector funds, based on Dimensional's time-tested factor-based approach.
But Midlands-born Hancock always wanted to stretch himself further.
Hancock became one of Britain's top comedians during the 1950s and 60s, attracting audiences of up to 15 million to his half-hour shows on radio and television.
Like John Adams, John Hancock was born in the Massachusetts town of Braintree in the section abutting Boston (later called Quincy).
Much of the opportunity to repeatedly lower expenses stems from surging assets under management at John Hancock Investments and the greater economies of scale it provides.
As companies have demutualized, equities in general have become something that is not attractive to hold on a demutualized balance sheet," said Deborah McAneny, executive vice president in charge of real estate at Hancock, which provides a variety of insurance and investment products and services.
Hancock Partners is an affiliate of John Hancock Financial Services.