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Aubrey Otis, U.S. radiologist, 1900-1955. See: Hampton line, Hampton maneuver, Hampton technique, Hampton hump.
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Ibanda Ruhumbika was born in Hampton, Virginia, and currently resides in Athens, Georgia.
As a Davis, growing up in Hampton, Virginia, with no knowledge of how we came to be called Davis, my life was rich with family lore.
City of Hampton, Virginia -- The mayor of Hampton, Ross A.
The Healthy Families Partnership in Hampton, Virginia, has designed a series of newsletters for parents' use.
About 6,000 military personnel and their families on or near Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia, were ordered to leave.
Numerous Howmet facilities will participate in this program, including casting and support operations located in Hampton, Virginia, and Whitehall, Michigan.
Sharon White-Williams, Department of Education, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia
The Coliseum Central Business Improvement District in Hampton, Virginia, for instance, has created a "20-year redevelopment plan with the aim of making the whole area more inviting and pedestrian friendly." The $236 million plan includes such improvements as narrowing a major boulevard, building a new pedestrian mall, creating new waterfront development along a canal, and improving streetscapes.
William Grant, PhD, a senior research scientist at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia used a multi-country statistical approach to study dietary links to prostate cancer.
Lebow, CPA, PhD, associate professor of accounting, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia.
In response to growing demand for its PCs, Gateway Inc says it will expand it manufacturing operation in Hampton, Virginia and hire 1,000 new workers beginning this summer.