Hamman, Louis

Hamman, Louis

U.S. physician, 1877–1946.

Hamman's disease

Spontaneous mediastinal emphysema with a crunching sound heard during auscultation of the heart.

Hamman's syndrome

Previously used term for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
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Louis, U.S. physician, 1877-1946.
Hamman crunch
Hamman disease - Synonym(s): Hamman syndrome
Hamman murmur - Synonym(s): Hamman sign
Hamman sign - a crunching, rasping sound, synchronous with heartbeat, heard over the precordium and sometimes at a distance from the chest in mediastinal emphysema. Synonym(s): Hamman murmur
Hamman syndrome - spontaneous mediastinal emphysema, resulting from rupture of alveoli. Synonym(s): Hamman disease
Hamman-Rich syndrome - Synonym(s): usual interstitial pneumonia of Liebow
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