Louis, U.S. physician, 1877-1946. See: Hamman disease, Hamman murmur, Hamman sign, Hamman syndrome, Hamman-Rich syndrome.
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AIP, which is a diagnosis of exclusion only after infections and other aetiologies have been ruled out, is classified as idiopathic interstitial pneumonia and is an uncommon and rapidly progressive form of diffuse lung injury originally described by Hamman and Rich in 1935 (1-3).
Michael Baker International, a global leader in engineering, planning and consulting services, today announced the promotion of Mary Jo Hamman, P.
Editors Goerg and Hamman present readers with a collection of professional and academic perspectives on various contemporary and emerging trends as understood through the discipline of organizational economics.
Flint Group Africa/Continental Printing Inks has announced that Sampie Hamman has stepped down from his role as CEO after more than 21 years of service.
Dietmar Hamman is one of nine Germans to have played for two or more Premier League clubs - can you name the other eight?
Walt Burns as Assoc Creative Dir/Copywriter; Liz Qi, Jr Designer; Paige Behrens, Jr Designer; Kim Bethke, Assoc Project Mgr; Rebecca Hanoski, Assoc Project Mgr; Kathryn Collins, Digital Traffic Coordinator; Debbie Christensen, Art Dir; Hans Hamman, Jr Art Dir; Colleen Mulheran, Jr Copywriter; Jacob Valento, Video Editor; Roxanne White, Assoc Print Producer; Lauren Kerr, Acct Supervisor; Valerie Kesterson, Acct Coordinator; and Brenda Houle, Accts Payable Specialist.
During the shoot, Hamman lost a diamond ring and a customised Wahala crystal hat, which ended up flying off his head into the sea.
I am the fourth generation to live on the 160-acre Hamman Homestead Farm.
Using historical sources, information from the diary of Hamman Yaji, a Fulani chief and active slaver, and data gathered in the course of ethnographic research in three of these zones by myself and colleagues, I show that in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the extraction of slaves from particular sub-regions within these zones was highly variable, as is evident in the interfaces between the decentralized prey societies and the predatory states.
The condition was described by Louis Hamman and hence known as Hamman's syndrome.
Hamman has more than 30 years of experience in the wine industry with both a university and private perspective.
The main problem that workers face in Jordan is working in unauthorised activities, Hamman said.