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A shrub or small tree, Hamamelis virginiana (family Harmarmelidaceae), the bark and dried leaves of which have been used externally as an application to contusions and other injuries, in headache, and for the cure of noninflammatory hemorrhoids; the water, popularly known as "extract of witch hazel," is made from the bark and contains 14% alcohol.
Synonym(s): witch hazel
[Mod. L., fr. G. hama- mēlis, fr. hama, together with, + mēlon, apple]
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A remedy that has been used for weakened venous circulation and varicose veins, as well as bloodshot eyes, depression, irritability, headaches, haemorrhoids and menstrual disorders.
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CHRISTMAS CHEER The purple berried Callicarpus, far left, and Hamamelis.
FRAGRANT CLIMBER: Chimonanthus praecox; The loncera fragrantissima; SWEET DREAMS; STRONG SMELL: Hamamelis mollis
This is followed by the straight Hamamelis mollis, which has the best spicy-sweet scent and pure yellow flowers.
The spidery sulphur-yellow blooms clothe the naked branches of hamamelis from early February through to the end of March.
Hamamelis should cut out the early running at a strong pace and, although I don't want to give away my tactics, I expect him to set the race up nicely for RAINBOW FRONTIER.
A PUT your daughter on a six-week course of Hamamelis. Take five drops in a little water twice daily along with the homoeopathic remedy Ferrum Phosphate.
Hamamelis should make her hurdling experience count in the opening Tara Hurdle while Foyle Wanderer can get her turn in the Navan Races Golf Classic Pro/Am Flat Race.
Flossing regularly is without doubt the best line of action but you can also use the herbal remedy hamamelis (witch hazel).
My favourites are viburnum x bodnatense Dawn (pink and perfumed), mahonia bealei (yellow racemes) and hamamelis mollis (witch hazel).
The herbal remedy, Hamamelis virginiana (witchhazel) can be invaluable for cases where bleeding is a feature.
The winter garden is also home to the Witch Hazels (Hamamelis mollis), one of China's most beautiful shrubs and usually in flower just before Christmas.