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Thomas Hale, U.S. physician, 1905-1987. See: Ham test.


1. Synonym(s): popliteal fossa
2. The buttock and back part of the thigh.


HTLV-I-associated myelopathy. See Tropical spastic paraparesis.


[AS. haum, haunch]
1. The popliteal space or region behind the knee.
2. A common name for the thigh, hip, and buttock.

ham, hams

the musculature of the upper thigh; common usage implies the cured upper thigh of a full-grown pig.

ham beetle
the 0.5 inch long larvae of the beetle which infest hams. Called also Dermestes lardarius.
ham curing
ham fly
the larvae or skippers, because of their habit of leaping long distances, of the fly Piophila casei which invade cured ham.
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Amateur radio can help any overseas mission, and there's often a local ham radio organization ready to lend a hand.
One problem with ham radio is that most people who know how to use it in Egypt were probably trained by the military and may be opposed to the protests.
The Burmese government, then as now, was a paranoid, xenophobic military dictatorship that totally prohibited ham radio.
Given this recent development, perhaps Haring's book can be accepted as an indication that ham radio is more significant in terms of nostalgia than in its modern-day utility.
Instances like this are common in the ham radio fraternity.
Haring, a historian of science and technology, takes an anthropological approach to ham radio culture that reflects the concerns and values of its denizens while acknowledging the realities of its male-dominated culture, in which female hams have been disparaged on the air and discouraged from joining the fraternity.
Jim Caviezel (right) used an old ham radio to make contact with his hammy dad Dennis Quaid in
Green reaches out to new friends in the military and all over the world via his ham radio.
Boyea, a ham radio hobbyist, and Mike Glennon, a technical specialist, helped organize the contact.
Kids will learn how radios work, experiment with circuits and antennas as you prepare to become a ham radio operator.
org/, the league lists several reasons why teachers should consider using ham radio in their classrooms: