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William Stewart, U.S. surgeon, 1852-1922. See: Halsted law, Halsted operation, Halsted suture.


pertaining to William Halsted, an American surgeon of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Halsted mosquito forceps
popular, fine-pointed, ratcheted hemostats used to crush very small vessels.
Halsted suture pattern
an interrupted suture pattern most useful in the suturing of friable tissues. The needle is passed in and out of the skin on one side of the incision, then across the incision and the suture is repeated on the other side. A pass is made at right angles to the suture and then a repeat of the stitch made back acoss the incision and the two ends tied.
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Halsted suture pattern. By permission from Slatter D, Textbook of Small Animal Surgery, Saunders, 2002
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halsted street has an existing adt of 18,700 and has a 40-mph posted speed limit.
Life in the Air Force is all the Halsted brothers have ever known.
2 oz Halsted Vodka 2 oz orange juice 2 oz calorie free orange soda 2 oz club soda Juice of half a lime Orange slice for garnish
Halsted interested the Goodrich Rubber Company to make sets of rather thinner and less clumsy gloves--although still rather stiff and unwieldy; the gloves were sterilised by boiling, supplied to Miss Hampton, who put them on over wet and soapy hands.
Halsted III, the company's former chief financial officer.
One detail was missing from the article on Chicago's new Center on Halsted ["Not Your Average LGBT Center," April 24].
24387 Halsted Road, Suite B, Farmington Hills, MI, 48335 tel: 248.
The 398-room Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro is up and running at 733 West Madison at Halsted.
Denneen has enlisted the help of two well-connected Hollywood friends, director Jesse Dylan and exec producer Dan Halsted, to make "Power Surge," a thriller about a young couple on the run.
The three most recognized stages of bibliotherapy are (1) identification, (2) catharsis, and (3) insight (Forgan, 2002; Halsted, 1994); however, another less mentioned in the literature yet especially interesting for teachers working with math anxious students, is universalization (Slavson, 1950), the recognition that our problems are not alone.
The discovery of anesthesia and antisepsis in the later part of the century allowed William Steward Halsted to develop radical mastectomy in the 1890s, a procedure based on the notion that breast cancer at base wasn't systemic.