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Ward C., U.S. psychologist, 1908-1968. See: Halstead-Reitan battery.
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Rider had crossed from Oakland in his launch, and Halstead had been down to San Jose and back in his machine.
I remember the afternoon at the club when I caught Halstead and Brentwood whispering in a corner.
Brentwood, Halstead, and I fled away for the machine.
THE RADICAL CENTER by Ted Halstead and Michael Lind Doubleday, $24.
Halstead (1991) notes that this fatigue is characterized by a marked difference in energy level, stamina and occasionally mental attentiveness.
Halstead is senior advisor and director of research of the pediatric dengue vaccine initiative headquartered at the International Vaccine Institute, Seoul, South Korea.
Thirty-six years old Paula Halstead met Rockwell on the bus because both of them were holding brochures to the opening of the San Francisco Spring Opera.
Halstead Property has opened a new office in Long Island City and hired Robert Whalen as the director of sales.
Developed for Brown Harris Stevens and Halstead Property, the Apps Launched July 2015 in the Apple App Store
250215ERETIREMENT A NEW window of opportunity is opening up for Stephen Halstead.
The heroin in the envelope was worth only PS10 but Halstead, of Kirkcaldy, had a previous conviction for supplying drugs.
A survivor of the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust who refused to succumb to bitterness, Worcester's Poet Laureate Gertrude Halstead died last month, leaving a legacy of spirit and positive ideals.