Halo Formation

A complication of poorly planned hair transplantation, in which superior fringe hair—which marks a boundary for transplantation, begins to ‘migrate southward’ and leave a perimeter or halo of new bald skin
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According to the current theory of galaxy formation, we expect a halo to preserve evidence of past galaxy mergers and/or tidal dissolution in the course of halo formation.
A wealth of new phenomena will be studied, including longitudinal-transverse coupling, resistive-wall instability, halo formation, resonance traversal, evolution of energy spread, and emittance growth due to several possible causes.
However, so-called "dark matter" - matter whose presence is inferred from its gravity but isn't directly visible - may pose a problem to this model of halo formation. Our galaxy's halo appears to contain 10 to 100 times more dark matter than observed dwarf spheroidals do.