C.S., 20th-century British otologist. See: Dix-Hallpike maneuver.
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For additional information about the event, please contact Clark Hallpike, ECC professor and MAGIC co-chair, at (847) 214-7542 or challpike@elgin.
Caloric test was carried out using the Hallpike method with maximum slow phase velocity (MSPV) as the index.
Dix and Hallpike in 1952, described their manoeuvre to elicit the classical pattern of nystagmus.
The DHP-M (Dix & Hallpike, 1952) is considered to be the gold standard for diagnosing posterior canal BPPV (Nunez et al.
Assessment on the Epley tests, included Dix Hallpike tests, and side lying tests during which the subject was rolled from supine to the right ear down or from supine to the left ear down positions.
A test called the Hallpike manoeuvre, where you lie on a couch and move your head in different directions, will confirm PV.
The vestibular examination included a Romberg test, gait and cerebellar tests, evaluation of spontaneous and semi-spontaneous nystagmus, the Dix-Hallpike maneuver for postural vertigo, pendulum eye-tracking, evaluation for optokinetic nystagmus, torsion swing testing, and caloric testing employing the Hallpike two-temperature technique.
Il Test di Dix Hallpike permette al fisioterapista di identificare la presenza di VPPB e la struttura lesa in base alla riproduzione di vertigine e nistagmo.
A new model of intercultural communication--critically reviewing, combining and further developing the basic models of Permutter, Yoshikawa, Hall, Hofstede, Thomas, Hallpike, and the social-constructivism, Bochum/Berlin 2009, book series Comparative Cultural Sciences, vol.
KEYWORDS: Concept; Complex; Archaic ideas; Archaic images; Vygotsky; Hallpike
De acuerdo con la definicion de Christopher Robert Hallpike [ 18] del tiempo historico, quien senala como los tres aspectos basicos del tiempo.