Bertil, 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Hallgren syndrome.
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Senior police officer Niclas Hallgren told a news conference that surveillance videos show the attacker roaming inside the school with a sword and a sharp knife.
Chief of police Niclas Hallgren said yesterday: "It was a racist hate crime.
We are convinced that the assailant was driven by racist motives when he carried out the act," police chief Niclas Hallgren told Swedish public service radio.
We are convinced that the culprit was driven by racist motives," officer Niklas Hallgren told Swedish Radio, citing the selection of victims and findings made in the attacker's apartment.
For the attention of: Maria Laine, Ann-Christine Hallgren
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Press Ganey announced today that Matt Hallgren has been promoted to the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Kip Emenhiser has been promoted to the role of Chief Accounting Officer (CAO).
Since August 2011, Kendall has served the venerable Ravines Wine Cellars as assistant winemaker to Morten Hallgren.
In Sweden Corded Ware longhouses have been discovered only during the last two or three decades, again due to changed excavation methods, in this case machine-stripping of topsoil from large areas (Larsson 1989; 2009b; Hallgren 2000).
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