Wilhelm, German ophthalmologist, 1901-1976. See: Hallermann-Streiff syndrome, Hallermann-Streiff-François syndrome.
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Heribert Hallermann, profesor en la Universidad de Wurzburgo, escribe sobre la homosexualidad, la comunidad de vida homosexual y las consecuencias que se derivan de estos fenomenos personales y sociales en relacion con la existencia y la disolucion del matrimonio (pp.
Other essential elements of a true PBL experience include: sustained inquiry, authentic tasks, opportunities for students to make decisions about their culminating product, reflection, critique, and revision (Hallermann, Larmer, & Mergendoller, 2011).
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Markus Hallermann, managing director of Komoot, commented that his company would use the fresh funding to hire additional staff and strengthen the company's international position.Country: GermanySector: ElectronicsTarget: Komoot GmbH Buyer: Mittelstandische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, KRW Schindler Investments SA, Bmp Media Investors AGType: LBO, Stakebuilding, VCStatus: Closed
It was first described by Hallermann in 1948 (1) and Streiff in 1950.