Wilhelm, German ophthalmologist, 1901-1976. See: Hallermann-Streiff syndrome, Hallermann-Streiff-François syndrome.
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Advanced technology, like the Intel Falcon 8+ drone, provides enormous potential for structural monitoring, said Norman Hallermann, Bauhaus University Weimar.
Markus Hallermann, managing director of Komoot, commented that his company would use the fresh funding to hire additional staff and strengthen the company's international position.
It was first described by Hallermann in 1948 (1) and Streiff in 1950.
However, in view of the great diversity of gekkonid species from southeast Asia (Uetz & Hallermann 2009) subsequent investigations of the reproductive cycle of many additional species will be needed to test this hypothesis.
anelpistus Schwartz, Graham, and Duval, 1979 were reduced to subspecific status by Hallermann and Bohme (2002).
Doris Hallermann, Der Teilzahlungskredit: Ein Beitrag zur betriebswirtschaftlichen Absatzmarkt-forschung (Diss.
En algunos sindromes como el de Hallermann -- Streiff se ha encontrado que entre el 50% al 80% de los pacientes presentan dientes supernumerarios.
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